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Our Squad of Volunteers 👇

Gaygenda would not be able to function without the tremendous help from our skilled team of volunteers. Spanning a total of 5 divisions, our volunteers make the magic happen – whether it’s the blog, our newsletter, community events, social media, or our new magazine, our team members continue to amaze us. To put faces to each division, please check out our ‘Meet the Team‘ page!


The Admins 👇

Hi there! This is Tanner and Ellie, the admins of Gaygenda. We have been so blown away by the tremendous growth and support for this community. What started as a fun quarantine project quickly expanded into the first collaborative community of its kind – ever!

Our story begins in August of 2020 when Tanner made a TikTok video poking fun at the idea of “the gay agenda,” a phrase which commonly appears in conservative media outlets to not only invalidate but denigrate the advocacy and normalization of identities and sexualities that exist outside of the conventional heterosexual model. In the video, he suggested that if ~the gays~ really wanted to corrupt society and enforce gay supremacy, we had a lot of work to do, so he started a Google Calendar to coordinate plans for world domination.

For obvious reasons, giving out the email and password to a shared Google Account quickly became a little chaotic, since anyone could hijack the Calendar and delete everything (and this almost happened!), so Ellie suggested making a shared Google Drive to which individual users could be added, and voila! Our Gay Agenda 2020 was born. We had over 600 requests to join within the first hour and over 6,000 in the first 24 hours, greatly exceeding our original goal. A few months later, over 20,000 people are involved in the Gaygenda community (and we’re still getting bigger!).

Over the past few months, Gaygenda has grown beyond our wildest dreams (like, way beyond) into a massive community of LGBTQ+ individuals with shared resources and connections from all over the world!

We have huge plans in store for the gay agenda, connect with us to come along for the journey 🙂


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